1994 - Patrizia Zambrano

Patrizia Zambrano, “Paesaggio senza figure,” in Duel, December 1994

And in these places not a breath, not one object forgotten by chance, not a shadow of a human being, not a single hand, eye, not even a dog, nothing. The world has been deserted, cleaned and tidied up, and all that remains to watch over the empty houses are cypresses and cluster pines. What we find, in this painting, is the rediscovery of the world as it is, in the purity of its forms. Geometric houses, trees, fountains, gardens enclosed between high walls and glimmering watercourses. Everything seems distilled, nature and architecture in a nocturnal and silent meeting. It is no wonder that what reigns is an obscurity which has something of the sacred about it, something of the arcane, of the not clearly explained. There is no wind to ripple the water, there is no sun to lengthen the shadows, which remain frozen in an unreal and constant light. Even the colors, drawn from a palette made up of earths and browns, with the occasional shade of orange and pale blue, remain still and opaque, rendering the material substance of the forms, their immutable purity, their timeless geometry, the solidity of a suspended world. The painter has chosen to contemplate only what has been saved from our reality, and what therefore has the power to save us.