1997 - Alberto Mingotti

Alberto Mingotti, Paesaggi dell’esistenza, in Luoghi postumi, exhibition catalogue, Bologna 1997

Enrico Lombardi is an artist who develops his paintings out of what is fundamental; becoming aware of a radical absence of being, he carefully stages its presence. For this reason the man appears to us jealous and protective of his remarkable and singular experience. There is in his painting an intimate geography, made up of places that he perceives as essential and fundamental. He returns incessantly to a place of his own and gets ready for a visit from poetry. The painting and reworking of his landscapes in an endless series of variations are the terms of a very serious game. It is in feeling himself bound to certain images that Lombardi fulfils his destiny as a painter. Into the space of the canvas, as fable of memory, erupt the places of his imagination. Seeing, along this route, opens up to places that could not appear in any other way. In the artist there is the notion of another territory, in his work something loveable seems to lead into a beyond. Painting is like the gesture of pointing; it answers to the need to find the lost object, which no representation will ever be able to bring back because it was never its in the first place, and that for this reason takes the form of a representation of the nonexistent.