2005 - Alessandro Riva

Alessandro Riva, L’ambiguità della pittura e l’enigma dello sguardo, in Piccola antologia, exhibition catalogue, San Benedetto del Tronto 2005

Enrico Lombardi is a wholly atypical painter in the panorama of contemporary Italian art. Extraneous to the schemes of the return to painting, of that to tell the truth rather confused jumble, generically lumped under the term “new figuration,” typical of the last decade, Lombardi works at the sides of painting in a monastic, at times distinctly autistic manner, following a logic that only he knows; a logic that is often not understood, or misunderstood, not just by the public at large but even by his fellow artists and many critics (even the most discerning). He carries out a research that is extremely rigorous on the formal, structural and philosophical plane, and yet almost amused in the way it puts on masks, plays hide- and-seek, turns into apparently light, airy, vacuous, fleeting forms, like a paean to that great deception, at once tragic and joyful, which painting has been from time immemorial: a fantastic idyll with the ambiguous forms of figuring and representing, metaphorically, the world according to the strange and complicated codes of painting.